A Little Biographical Rambling

The family is like the trampoline from which we jump into life. Inevitably a part of us will become our parents. I remember looking at my father’s body at the beach when I was a teenager and promising myself that I would never become that. Funny enough, it takes constant awareness and hard work, otherwise […]

Mantra as Meditation

An introduction to Mantra and Chant Work. As we know from recent scientific developments, the “material” aspect of matter is an illusion. Everything is vibrating, everything is alive. If we were to accelerate any given vibration until it was audible, we could hear the signature note that each object is broadcasting. In other words, if […]

A little note for my students

Music and Spirit Yes, Music is my Religion. Music is the Ship that takes me to the Other Dimension (which is right here right now all the time). My favorite vessel is the Drum, but any form of Sound will do. When you get deep into Sound you find the doorway to Silence. When you […]


Heaven and hell… they are not external places. We carry them inside of us all the time as potential. Our thoughts are the doorway. And under our thought lies… waiting… the Silence… the vast mystery of Existence that our minds could never fathom… Home. Since time immemorial humans have searched for the Sound of that […]


I sing my soul … If you open wide the windowThe wind will blow intoEvery dusty cornerOf your Heart. Lay low and listenTo the heartbeat of our LoveYour body understandsThe language of my Drum Put your mind to restThe labyrinth and the games can waitA little whilePut on the wings of SoundAnd rise up from […]