Sound Healing

Sound Healing For information about this workshop, please click on the Sound Healing link above. Available for private, group, or Skype sessions. For workshops & individual or group sessions feel free to contact Pepe Conatct


The Hindu Tradition is endlessly rich, deep and colourful. We can see it as an exotic religion, but just as well (and maybe more accurately) as a profound psychological tool for transformation.  The main energies of Brahma (the creative energy), Vishnu (the preserving, loving energy) and Shiva (the transforming, often misperceived as destructive energy) encompass, […]


The word Tantra has been so used and misused in modern times that there is a lot of confusion about what it is exactly. Most people in the “West” equate this word with sexual practices, which is extremely inaccurate. In the Hindu Tradition there is definitely a sexual element in certain branches, but in context […]


Shakyamuni Buddha was a masterful and eminently practical teacher. He addressed his teaching to all the possible different levels of understanding, character and commitment, therefore eventually giving rise to all the different schools of Buddhism.  The teachings encompass the monastic, householder, mystical and religious realms. From Tibetan, to Zen or Chan, to the traditions of […]

Zen Meditation

To know what you are, it’s good to start by finding out what you are not. The process can feel like pealing the layers of an onion, until we find the empty center. This emptiness is the non conceptual key to the real-ization of Self, which can paradoxically be called non-self… (to real-ize and live […]

Tarot And Spirit Workshop

The Tarot cards can be a useful (and fun) tool for connecting with our subconscious mind with the purpose of self-reflection, meditation and decision making. A card spread presents us with a symbolic map that can bring out of our subconscious mind important information for self reflection. A Tarot reading, the way I approach it, […]

Voice Power Workshop

Our voice carries the signature of who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Many people may have knowledge or music to share, but they lack a sense of confidence and authority that projects naturally from an embodied voice. Our voice carries the call for men to buy good sexual health if they have […]