Performance Options

Pepe can offer a variety of performances, depending on organizer or event preference and requirements. Its also possible to integrate local musicians as guest performers, since these are mostly improvised sonic journeys.

These are the most common requests:


Using a great variety of instruments from all over the world, Pepe weaves a sound tapestry that encompasses many cultures and endless dynamic colors. Featured instruments are: Japanese Shakuhachi, Indian Bansuri, Guitar, Turkish Bouzouki, Tibetan Bowls, Voice, Chimes, RAV Drum, and subtle electronic backgrounds that add magic and mystery to the music. This has been called “Prayerformance” by the media, meaning that the concert takes the audience on a deep meditative journey that can satisfy on every level.  Ocean of Sound is appropriate for Concert Halls and Festivals.


Pepe is well known as a virtuoso percussionist that has shared the stage with top names in the music world. This performance has him playing an extended hand percussion Drum Set. Using Rhythms and Chants from diverse Sacred Drumming Traditions (Brazil, Cuba, India, Uruguay, Africa), Pepe leads the audience into a Rhythmical Ceremony that can last up to two hours non stop. This performance has been very successful in Festivals, and Trance Dance events.


This performance can take the form of a concert or a lecture/concert where Pepe also explains the culture and history behind this magical and rare instrument that has its origin as a form of Zen Meditation. The repertoire spans from Traditional, Classical pieces to modern and improvised pieces. Pepe uses flutes of different lengths, from Soprano to Bass, and at times adds other instruments such as Tibetan or Crystal Bowls, Bells and Chimes, and RAV Drum.