Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Imagine yourself lying comfortably, between pillows and blankets, relaxing and absorbing therapeutic sound frequencies.

I use a variety of healing instruments from all over the world – Tibetan bowls, shamanic drums, Japanese flutes, string instruments and many more. The sounds and unique frequencies open and balance the physical and energetic body.

I incorporate ancient mantras and chants, based on Shamanic principles and the relatively new science of Vibrational Healing, to awaken harmonizing energies natural to the human body. This creates a profound state of relaxation, where the body and emotions can absorb the sound waves, thus triggering the body’s natural self healing powers.

Sound healing is a powerful, rejuvenating journey into the world of sound and therapy.

Available in private or group sessions.

I also offer workshops where we delve into the scientific principles behind the practice, study the techniques specific to each instrument, and learn the general system and its application. The workshop is suitable for both musicians and non musicians.

For workshops & individual or group sessions feel free to contact Pepe