Shakyamuni Buddha was a masterful and eminently practical teacher. He addressed his teaching to all the possible different levels of understanding, character and commitment, therefore eventually giving rise to all the different schools of Buddhism. 

The teachings encompass the monastic, householder, mystical and religious realms. From Tibetan, to Zen or Chan, to the traditions of Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka, the Tradition has endless variations, colours and techniques. Buddhism has the ability to blend with and embrace the living traditions that it meets in each place (such as Bonn in Tibet or Taoism in China), and transform accordingly.

The wisdom of the Buddhist teaching is only now being supported and confirmed by modern science, in the fields of neurology and quantum physics. The Buddha realised the deepest level of Reality purely by going deep within, and with all the technology available nowadays, we are barely touching upon this knowledge.

The symbolism and techniques of Buddhism are profound and practical. It is said that one of his first statements on record is: “I teach about suffering and the way to end it”… very simple and unmystical!, but the fundamental foundation stone upon which to build our path of evolution into, hopefully, a higher state of Being than the current sad state of our human race and the immensely destructive impact we are having on our beautiful Mother Earth.

As a teacher, I don’t have a set “program”. I share my wide experience and the wonderful teachings I have received and practiced, according to the particular character and interest of the group or event, time duration, and approach (meditation, theory, philosophy, symbology, psychology, etc.)

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