The Hindu Tradition is endlessly rich, deep and colourful. We can see it as an exotic religion, but just as well (and maybe more accurately) as a profound psychological tool for transformation. 

The main energies of Brahma (the creative energy), Vishnu (the preserving, loving energy) and Shiva (the transforming, often misperceived as destructive energy) encompass, in a symbolic way, the whole of our human experience. 

The mythology and stories that come from this Tradition, similarly to the Greek Tradition, teach us in an archetypal way about our full potential as human beings.

The Devas and Devis (divine or light beings) in the Hindu pantheon, combined with the power of Mantra and Yantra, become a powerful object of meditation that help us embody higher frequencies and more fully realise our potential as channels of service and positive transformation in this world.

As a teacher, I don’t have a set “program”. I share my wide experience and the wonderful teachings I have received and practiced, according to the particular framework and interest of the group or event, time duration, and approach (meditation, mantra, chakra work, philosophy, symbology, psychology, etc.)

I am teaching privately and large groups in festivals, workshops and retreats.

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